Frequently Asked Questions

What is acupuncture?

It is believed that a universal life force or energy (often referred to as chi or qi) is present in every living creature. This energy flows through pathways in the body called meridians and as long as the energy is flowing freely the body maintains health. If this energy becomes inhibited in any way, illness and disease can result.

Acupuncture is a healing modality that restores the natural and free flow of energy throughout the body. This system of healing uses thin needles, heat therapy, magnets, pressure, and/or electrical stimulation to restore the body’s natural energy patterns. These tools are utilized at specific points on the body where energy can be “accessed.” In essence, healing occurs when the body’s natural flow of chi is returned to balance.

How does acupuncture work (Traditional Chinese Medicine view)?

The Western Scientific Community is confident that acupuncture is able to affect our body’s central nervous system.  They have observed acupuncture’s ability to regulate the central nervous system aiding in the activity of biochemicals such as endorphins and immune system cells as specific points on the body.  In addition research has shown that acupuncture can alter brain chemistry and the release of neurotransmitters and neurohormones.   If we can influence endorphins, then we are able to work on pain relief.  If we can influence immune cells, then we can battle sickness and disease.  If we can impact neurotransmitters we can reduce inflammation and stimulate feelings of well being.  And if we can influence neurohormones, then we can help these chemical messengers to be produced in the appropriate amounts to help the body regulate itself the way it was designed to!

How long will it take to bring relief?

This is a question EVERYONE (including us!) would like a clear cut answer to.  But unfortunatley we must say this varies person to person.  What WE DO KNOW is that there are key variables that seem to influence how fast relief comes. They are:

1. The nature and complexity of your health concern

2. How long you have had your concern

3. Your lifestyle (diet, sleep, stress, etc)

4. Your personal response to acupuncture

To give a "general" answer, some people experience relief during or right after their first treatment. Some a few days after. Some experience change after a few visits. And some, if they are persistant enough to stick it out to help bring balance (esp for an issue they have had for years), it may take weeks to months. We have seen all of these situations in our clinic.

Why is acupuncture considered a "therapy"?

Even though needles are involved, acupuncture isn’t considered to be a “procedure” like surgery.  Because of this, multiple treatments are usually needed to progress towards your vision of health.  Just as a doctor does not prescribe a single pill to clear an infection, we usually do not prescribe a single visit. We will do our best to lay out an appropriate treatment plan for you during your first visit.

What will I feel during and after treatment?

During or after treatment, some patients may feel tingly, warmth, light, or even pain in or near the area of the body that Blake was focusing on during treatment.  These sensations are the result of the movement of blood, body fluids, and qi and are all a great sign.  It is not uncommon for patients to report “feeling a bit worse, before they begin to feel much better.” Many patients also report feelings of rest and relaxation during and after treatment which is most likely due to the nervous system moving into a clear pattern of rest in response to the needles.  In addition, patients report finding improvements in other aspects of their health that they were not even coming for such as sleep, digestion, and stress levels.  We have also had individuals have a release of emotions during and soon after treatment.  All of this is normal, and good!

Do you treat pregnant women?

Yes! Pregnant women have come to our clinic for a variety of pregnancy related health concerns.  We ask that all pregnant women clear the use of Chinese medicine with the primary practitioner responsible for their pre natal care before coming. 

Are you wheel chair accessible?

Yes! An external lift exists in the back of the building for those who can not safely use or are unable to use stairs.

Do you treat children?

Yes! Children tend to respond to acupuncture well and even quicker than adults.  If your child is capable of sitting quietly for 20 minutes or so, they can be seen in our main treatment room.  For those little ones where sitting quietly may be challenging, we have a private treatment room they can be seen in as well.