Soliman’s Auricular Allergy Treatment (SAAT)

A Simple, Effective Allergy Treatment


SAAT is capable of addressing almost any negative immune-response allergy/sensitivity, including, but not limited to:

Food Sensitivities

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, preservatives, and more!

Home & Environment

Dog, cat, & other animals, dust and dust mites, trees, pollen of specific species, grasses, poison ivy, latex & more!

My son, who has had severe allergies to horses, can now love and care for our horses. The severe upper respiratory symptoms he used to experience upon coming in contact with any horse are now gone, with one SAAT.
— Robin S.

A Simplified Explanation on How It Works:

Dramatically reduce allergies in one treatment. The needles are so tiny most people do not feel them!

Dramatically reduce allergies in one treatment. The needles are so tiny most people do not feel them!

SAAT is a single procedure that often completely clears or significantly (80-90%) reduces a very specific health concern.

Both western and eastern doctors agree that allergic responses of all kinds develop from an overly sensitive, “malfunctioning” immune system. While western doctors mainly address allergies by suppressing the immune response, eastern medicine, in this case, SAAT, works to address the immune system’s negative response to an allergen.

SAAT essentially “reprograms” your immune system to stop over reacting to allergens. If the body has the ability and power to develop the over active immune response, it has the ability to reverse it as well.

Blake was trained in Soliman’s auricular allergy acupuncture by Dr. Nader Soliman, a pioneer in auricular acupuncture, who completed years of clinical study on thousands of allergy sufferers. Through his refined method of SAAT, individuals now experience elimination or severe reduction in their allergy symptoms.

I have experienced a 95% improvement in my severe dog allergy I have had most of my life.”
— Doug L.

SAAT At Our Clinic Includes:

Auricular Medicine
Bio-Energetic Testing

If you have identified your particular allergen via allergy testing or other means, we will order a homeopathic vial with the particular energetic signature (frequency) of your particular allergen(s) if we have yet to treat it at our clinic. We will confirm your sensitivity to your allergen utilizing the vial and then identify the EXACT location for needle treatment of that particular allergen for YOUR body. This location is identified by finding the most electrically conductive location in your ear using a specialized volt meter. This procedure was built on the work of Dr. Paul Nogier in France in the 1960s and refined by Dr. Nader Soliman.

If you unsure of your particular food and/or environmental allergy, we will utilize a variety of homeopathic vials containing the frequencies of many known common allergens to try to identify the particular allergen(s) your immune system has developed a negative response to.

Auricular Allergy Acupuncture

ONE tiny specialized ear acupuncture needle inserted per allergen. Each needle is covered by a small piece of medical adhesive tape, and worn for 3-4 weeks, and then removed at our clinic. 3-4 specific allergens may be addressed per treatment.

Typical SAAT Results

From our experience so far, SAAT is capable of clearing 100% of a particular allergy symptom(s). These symptoms include gastrointestinal distress from particular foods, swelling/itchy mouth from particular food consumption, itchy/watery eyes, sneezing, runny noses, chest tightness and coughing when exposed to a particular animal (esp dog or cat), and contact dermatological reactions (latex, poison ivy) to name the few common ones. SAAT may also result in a severe reduction in symptoms, where patients may still experience a tiny residue of a symptom(s) but they report that their symptoms are 80, 90, or 95% improved.

We would like to share that Dr. Soliman notes that in 10 years of practicing SAAT, no reoccurrence of the same allergy has been reported, with the exception of those that occurred due to hormonal shifts in the individual (i.e. puberty, pregnancy, menopause etc).

If you still experience some type of symptom after treatment, it is most likely due to the fact that the body is responding to an additional allergy that has yet to be identified and treated. For example, a patient may not only be allergic to apples, he/she may also be allergic to the food grade wax or pesticide residue on the apple. In this case, treating for apple may greatly reduce the allergy, but only 100% clearing will result when ALL aspects the client is sensitive to are treated.

This is important to also keep in mind when addressing outdoor allergies. While we are capable of treating particular tree/grass/other plant species, identification of all outdoor allergies can sometimes be challenging. Paying attention to the time of year as well as the environment you are in when allergies are triggered are a necessity.

If you suspect you have a food allergy but have not identified it yet, food logs and elimination diets can help us identify your suspected food allergen(s).

Collaborating with an allergist (see below) is also welcomed to identify your particular allergen.

It is extremely important to keep in mind that the success of your treatment depends greatly on identification of all food and environmental allergies. While results from this procedure are individual specific, our experiences so far with this method have far well exceeded our expectations and those of our clients. Testimonials coming soon!

SAAT Scheduling & Cost

• Individuals may choose to schedule a SAAT consult only.
• Individuals may choose a consult and treatment together during the same session.


SAAT Consult: A SAAT consult includes speaking with Blake regarding allergy concerns and symptoms, an explanation of what SAAT could potentially address for the individual specifically and a session of our bio-energetic allergy testing to identify and confirm allergies. This option is offered to those individuals who would like further information on SAAT specific for themselves, or individuals who would like confirmation on suspected allergies. COST FOR CONSULT: $50

SAAT Consult and Treatment together: This includes a Consult and Auricular Allergy Treatment of up to 4 confirmed allergens. This option is for individuals who are certain they have symptoms due to allergies and are ready to work on addressing them through auricular acupuncture. SAAT COST: $350

• Individuals who choose a consult only that wish to move forward with treatment will have their consult fee removed from the SAAT cost.  If time allows, treatment MAY be completed during the initial consult time, or an additional session will be scheduled if necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: In contrast to using Chinese Medicine as a therapy involving multiple treatments to resolve or manage a health issue, SAAT is viewed as a single procedure that often completely clears or significantly (80-90%) reduces a very specific health concern. Pricing differences of SAAT and the regular acupuncture sessions offered at our clinic reflects this fact.

SAAT & Collaborating
with Western Medicine

Traditional skin (scratch) tests and blood tests can, at times, identify specific allergens. We are certainly open to working with allergists and the information they can offer via traditional allergy testing. The more information we have to address your concerns, the better. It is important to remember that even many allergists note the limitations to allergy testing and that tests may not always reveal allergens or the degree of sensitivity to a particular allergen.

I developed an allergy to raw apples with symptoms of lip swelling and mouth tingling. After my first SAAT, my symptoms were 100% gone with most apple varieties , and 90% reduced with a small group of others. After being treated for birch pollen (which shares similar type proteins to apple), I am now symptom free when eating raw apples!
— Dani S.

We are filled with sincere appreciation of the brilliant and innovative work of Dr. Nogier and Dr. Soliman, who spent tens of years developing and refining a procedure that went on to help tens of thousands who suffer from allergies, with great success. Blake was trained by Dr. Soliman in 2018, and we are so happy to bring this ingenious allergy solution to our community!